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As Commitment to Continue the Mobility Services During Pandemic Toyota Indonesia Implements Safe and Healthy New Normal Approach

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As Commitment to Continue the Mobility Services During Pandemic Toyota Indonesia Implements Safe and Healthy New Normal Approach

Jakarta (07/11) – As the government had established the PSBB policy as a step to minimize the spread of COVID-19, Toyota Indonesia has also implemented a work at home policy for employees last March. Entering the PSBB transition period, since June 8th 2020 some employees, especially at PT. Toyota-Astra Motor began actively working in the company facilities with the company’s strict health and safety protocol arrangements in compliance with the permits issued by the authorities including the Regional Government.

In line with the nature of a company that provides mobility services and products, it is important for TAM to always enhance its mobility services for the community, given that entering the transition period in most areas is creating the increasing customer need for mobility.

"It is important for us to be able to immediately increase service capacity for both vehicle supply and maintenance needs. The smooth running of many sectors of both industries and individuals in mobility needs to be supported. Not only through increasing the capacity of the protocol through the channel that we have prepared, we must also make our services more accessible and of course safer and more comfortable for customers," said Henry Tanoto, Vice President of PT. Toyota-Astra Motor.

To provide easiness and bring convenience to customers, various communication channels have been prepared by Toyota and the value chain, one of which is by utilize a digital approach that is now increasingly familiar and easy to access, through Chatbot Toyota Interactive Virtual Assistance, m-TOYOTA Application, Online marketplaces services such as digirooms that have been prepared by Auto2000, and also KINTO that are expected to provide convenience for customers.

Complete safety and health protocols are prepared to help smooth operations, especially in areas that require employee attendance, starting from the provision of very strict rapid test for all employees who have been assigned to start working at TAM facilities to very strict daily operations to maintain social distancing, sanitization, and other health protocols.

"For Toyota, the health and safety of our employees and customers is priority. Therefore, we implement policies and activities that meet with the health protocols and regulations set by both central and regional governments, one of which is by properly conducting health checks for all employees that are present in the work area," Henry added.

In line with the start of permit given to several industries, including automotive, to be able to carry out work in the company facilities, TAM is strictly preparing operational protocols that are enforced in all areas both in the office and field areas, with the hope of optimally providing services for customer mobility needs. Currently, TAM applies a capacity of 50% of employees in the logistics area and 20-25% in the office area, which will be gradually elevated to be able to reach the optimal point and be safe and comfortable to work.

Up to the month of July, there have been 3 batches of Rapid Tests conducted for all employees before employees can work in the work area so that if anomalies are found in the results of employee tests, can be continued for further checking. So far, one of TAM’s employees has formally been diagnosed with COVID-19, who is directly handled with a strict protocol for receiving medical treatment immediately. Please note that the said employee has not come to work in the company premises but has been working from home since March 2020, hence there are no employees who have had close contact with the said employee in the work area.

"During this pandemic situation, Toyota had implemented strict health protocols on all lines in accordance with the direction of the authorities. This is our effort to protect employees and customers, so that we can ensure both our products and services we provide are completely safe, in clean conditions, and of course good quality," said President Director of PT Toyota-Astra Motor, Susumu Matsuda.

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